Who We Are

Delica Foods (Pty) Ltd

Delica Foods is a private limited company incorporated in South Africa since 2018 and we do have divisions within Southern Africa. We pledge to our valued clients continuous development of more delicious and healthier core basic products.

We pride ourselves in being the producer and supplier of a famous Delica house brand peanut butter and tasty nuts roasted to perfection . 

We are also a global commodity trader specialising in supplying raw groundnuts.

Delica Foods (Pty) Ltd a food and beverage company

Our Vision

To be the leader in producing and distribution of core basic and healthy household food essentials within African continent and beyond.

Our Mission

Ensuring healthy food security within African continent and beyond.

Our Goal

Promoting healthy eating suitable for all, young and old.

Our Motto

Is to always “keeping it healthy and delicious”.